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The city of Beverly Hills is well known for its quiet neighborhoods and laid back kind of lifestyle and that would not be possible without the amazing judicial system that was put in place. Whenever a resident of the city needs some legal work done, they could always count on this courthouse to help them out. The Beverly Hills Courthouse is located at 9355 Burton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and mainly serves the city of Beverly Hills but it also serves some of the surrounding cities to the courthouse. Some of the cities that the Beverly Hills courthouse serves are Santa Monica, Burbank, Pasadena, and Whittier.


The courthouse offers many services that offer help for the residents with whatever the legal needs of the resident. When you first walk in to the courthouse you will be met by a few security officers who will ask for your belongings and you will be searched by one of the officers. This is just a safety precaution in order to ensure that everyone in the courthouse at anytime is completely safe from harm. This courthouse contains an administration office where people could go to find out about volunteer programs as well as intern and extern programs. This office will also serve anyone by directing them to the right office they need to handle whatever legal services they need.


The Beverly Hills Courthouse also has a public defender for anybody that is in need of one because they cannot afford an attorney. This courthouse serves civil matters as well as criminal matters and has a clerk’s office where you could pay all of your fines and figure out if your case has been resolved or if it is still active. There is also an office for the District Attorney, where you could go to if you are in need of any legal help with a case. Residents of Beverly Hills could come to this courthouse to obtain a marriage license or to handle any small claims cases. If you get a traffic ticket in the city of Beverly Hills, you will be sent to this courthouse in order to pay the fine.


There is also an office for the sheriff’s department who handle all of the security for this courthouse. If you or your loved one is arrested in this city and would like to bail out at the courthouse, then you will have to do so before 3 o’clock. This is because the courthouse cannot accept any bail bonds after that time so it is important that you handle the bail bond as early as possible in order to get your loved one out before they are transferred back to the Beverly Hills Jail.

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