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Beverly Hills Bail Bonds FAQs :











What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is also known as a “surety bond” because when you get a bail bond you are signing a contract with a licensed bail agent who is insured through a surety company. When you sign the contract, you are agreeing that the bail agent will post the full bail amount on your behalf and that the defendant will show up to his or her court date.




What is the arresting process?

When someone is arrested, they will be taken to the nearest jail to wherever the defendant is arrested and will have to go through a booking process. The booking process could take up to a few hours depending on how busy the jail is at that time. Once the booking process is complete the jailer will clear the defendant for bail and we will be able to bail out you or your loved one within the hour.




How long is the bail bonds process in Beverly Hills?

The bail bond process could take quite a long time depending on your certain situation and how busy the jail is at that time. The bail agent will fill out all of the necessary paperwork required for a bail bond with you and then you will have to wait until the jailer clears the inmate for bail, at which point, our agent will complete the jail release process. Once the agent turns in the paperwork, our agent will be able to get your loved one out of jail within the hour.




How does the court decide the bail amount?

When the courthouse sets a bail amount, they will look at many factors that will impact their decision and will result in either a higher or lower amount. The arrestee’s charges and the severity of those charges will ultimately decide how much the bail amount is. The purpose of the bail amount is to ensure that the defendant will appear to his or her court date and will not commit the same crime again.




How can I pay for a bail bond for Beverly Hills jail?

At Sunrise Bail Bonds Beverly Hills we accept all the major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, as well as cash or a personal check. We do, however, also offer the option of a payment plan or financing a bail bond. If you decide to finance a bail bond, then we may need to collect some form of collateral from you to complete the process.




What is the price of a bail bond?

The prices for bail bonds are the same in most states because the law and bail agencies are not allowed to charge any more or less than the set amount regulate it. In most states, the law requires that bail agencies charge 10% of the full bail amount, which compensates them fairly for the risk that they take.




How can I finance a bail bond?

When you finance a bail bond, our agent will then work with you to figure out a payment plan that best suits your financial situation. However, in some cases, we may need to collect some form of collateral to ensure that the defendant will show up to court and will pay off all of their payments.




What are my responsibilities for bailing out a loved one?

When you decide to bail out a loved one, you have to sign a contract that states that you will make sure that the defendant will show up to court on their assigned day. If your loved one fails to show up to their court date, then you will be held responsible for the full bail amount.




What happens if I miss my court date?

If you cannot show up to court for any reason, then you must contact your bail agent and explain what happened. When you contact your agent, he or she will then contact the courthouse, explain your situation, and set up a new court date that works around your schedule.




When can I retrieve my collateral?

If we need to collect some form of collateral from you for the bail bond, then you will receive it back once the case is completed. If we collect collateral for your payment plan, then you will receive it once you have finished paying all of your payments. Have more questions! Please contact us.

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