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Why Choose Our Bail Service!

We have been serving the Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas for many years, and will continue being there for you in times of need. We take every case and treat it like if it was a part of our own family. We work hard and around the clock to make sure we bring parents and children home safe to their families. Our licensed bail agents are always available to take your phone calls and help you out in those heart dropping moments when you learn that someone you care for is in custody.

Being a family owned and operated business makes our goals directed customer satisfaction but on a very personal level. We have families of our own, and believe it or not, we also have a family member or a friend who have called us from behind bars seeking release. We know how stressful and costing getting someone out of jail maybe, we also know how money may not always be handy to go through with the bail transaction. With a bail bonds agency such as ours, you should not have any worries. We designed our system to work around everyone's living and financial situation. We get people out and worry about financial burdens later. We provide families with the easiest bond approvals with the lowest payments. We can do bonds for no money down, and sometimes without even having to come up or provide any collateral.

How bail bonds work in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills and part of the bordering neighborhoods are served by the Beverly Hills Police Department. The police headquarters is located at 464 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, right next to the city hall and less than a mile from the Beverly Hills Superior Court House.


Even though the city enjoys safe and usually calm neighborhoods and has a very low crime rate, the police work very hard to protect and serve the community tirelessly around the clock. If a person happens to get arrested anywhere in Beverly Hills, they will be housed at the police station's jail, unless the arrestee is suffering a medical condition then he/she will be taken the county jail facilities located in Los Angeles for men and Lynwood for women.


As soon as an arrestee arrives at the Beverly Hills jail, he/she will be received by a jailer, who will process the arrestee in and get him/her fingerprinted via a live scan machine which transmits the fingerprints electronically to the department of justice to make sure of the arrestee's identity, and the possibility of outstanding warrants and open court cases. This process takes a few hours depending on how busy the jailers are booking and releasing inmates.


Our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Beverly Hills understand the chaos accompanying the situation when you are informed that a loved one is in jail, and also understand how you are concerned to make sure the arrestee is out of custody ASAP.


Be certain that our experienced agents will not save an effort to help you get your family member or friend out quickly. The jailer will not accept a bail bonds for an arrestee until the fingerprint results are received back from the department of justice, however, our local agents know how to push and make sure this process is completed in a timely matter. Once the jailer clears a defendant for bail, it is a matter of minutes before we are at the jail turning the needed paperwork in for an even quicker release.


Our bail service extends to cover the neighboring cities, to the north of Beverly Hills we have local agents to provide bail service in North Hollywood, Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks, in the north east we cover Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood and West Hollywood, to the east our bail service covers Los Angeles and Central LA, south of Beverly Hills we reach Culver City and Inglewood, in the south west we cover Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica and to the west we provide bail service in Brentwood, westwood and Bel Air.

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As we know and believe that reading about the process and educating yourself about the bail process is very important before getting your loved one out, we are also strong believers how a warm experienced voice can and will sail your worries to ease. Go ahead and call one of our agents. Ask us all you need to know, explain the situation to us and be rest assures that we will do whatever it takes to bring your loved one home immediately.

Why Choose Our Bail Bonds Service
How bail bonds work in Beverly Hills, CA!
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