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Why Choose Our Bail Service!

Our office is operating in Beverly Hills and the neighboring areas for many years now and helped many arrested people to return safe and fast back to their people.

Our extremely highly trained personnel is available to you during those times of great need.
It is a fact that from the moment one of your loved ones is arrested, it starts a nightmare for you.

Having families of our own, allows us to understand even better how important family is for you and how devastating it is to know that a family member or a friend is imprisoned.

Being a family business ourselves, makes your case personal to us. Our approach to the case is going to be more sensitive and we will make it our priority to bring your loved one back to you as quick as possible.


We also recognize that your financial status at that moment to be not enough so you can pay the amount needed for the bond. That’s ok, with us, you have the opportunity to choose between payment methods that are working around your living and financial situation.


We will free your loved one and we will worry about payment later. We are capable to provide families with bonds that can easily approved and with low payments. There is always a chance to do bonds for no money down and sometimes even without any collateral.

Beverly Hills Bail Bonds Process.

The Beverly Hills Police Department is the one serving Beverly Hills and part of the bordering neighborhoods. The Police Department is located at 464 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, right close to the City Hall and very close to the Beverly Hills Superior Courthouse.

The hard work of the Beverly Hills Police, managed Beverly Hills to be considered a low criminality area where the people can feel safe. However, there is always a chance someone to get arrested, even for the simplest reasons as a street fight or by driving with expired licensed without knowing that the license expired. In Beverly Hills the defendant will be transferred to the Police Station Jail except if there is a serious health issue. In that case, he or she will be moved either to county Jail facilities located in Los Angeles for men and in Lynwood for women.

The moment the defendant arrives to the Police Station Jail, a Jailer is going to book his/her personal information to the LA Sheriff’s Department together with pictures taken in the Police Station. Then, the jailer with the use of a machine called Live Scan is going to get the arrestee fingerprinted. Live Scan, is connected directly to the Department of Justice and that way the Jailer is going to make sure, that the defendant has no pending warrants or is not wanted by any other law agencies. That process can take between 45 minutes to several hours.

Here in Sunrise Bail Bonds Beverly Hills, we understand how stressful it can be the moment you receive the call with the bad news according the arrest of your loved one. And we also understand how urgent is for you to release your loved one out of jail. Be sure, that our agents are going to do what ever is necessary so that the arrestee to come back to you as fast as possible.

Even though the Jailer is not able to accept any bail bonds till the fingerprints results are back to him/her, our agents due to their huge experience, know very well how to force the process to become much faster. Once the defendant is cleared for bail, it is a matter of minutes before we the needed paperwork for an even faster release.


Our bail service extends to cover the neighboring cities, to the north of Beverly Hills we have local agents to provide bail service in North Hollywood, Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks, in the north east we cover Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood and West Hollywood, to the east our bail service covers Los Angeles and Central LA, south of Beverly Hills we reach Culver City and Inglewood, in the south west we cover Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica and to the west we provide bail service in Brentwood, westwood and Bel Air.

24/7 bail bonds service
customer service

Our strong believe is that before you try to get your beloved one out of jail, you, to be as well informed and educated about the release process as possible. We know how important is for you at that moment of your personal agony to hear a kind and relaxed voice in to the other end of the line.


Our agents are able to provide that and be sure that you can call them anytime and any day to ask whatever you need to ask so you can be sure that your beloved one is going to come home soon enough.

Why Choose Our Bail Bonds Service
How bail bonds work in Beverly Hills, CA!
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