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Ray J arrested in Beverly Hills

Earlier this week on June 1st, 2014, an incident occurred at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California between famous singer Ray J and staff at the hotel. The 33-year-old singer was arrested after some of the staff at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel called the police accusing the singer of causing uproar in the hotel’s lobby while becoming violent. When the police arrived at the hotel, they encountered the obnoxious Ray J and attempted to calm him down and get him to leave the hotel peacefully. After police tried calming down the singer, a violent confrontation between the officers and Ray J broke out. Once the police finally got Ray J into custody, the singer continued to resist arrest as he was being placed in the back seat of the patrol car. When the police got Ray J in the back seat of the car, the singer supposedly kicked out one of the rear windows in the back seat of the patrol car while handcuffed. The singer is being charged with batter, trespassing and vandalism for his actions that occurred at the hotel. He will also be charged with resisting arrest and battery toward an officer after being taken into custody. Authorities don’t know why Ray J acted in such a way and the witnesses as well as the staff at the hotel told police that they tried to get the singer to leave the bar, but he kept refusing to comply with their requests. The singer will be facing trial in the coming months, and the authorities haven’t released any details regarding the singer’s bail amount and exact trial date. Shortly after the incident, Ray J was released and he has already talked to TMZ about the incident and said he will be still filming when Love & Hip Hop: Los Angeles.

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