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Two Men Try to Draw Fear Into Residents

The city of Beverly Hills is known for its extravagant houses and high class society that is known to go all out when it comes to spending money. With nothing but expensive cars and houses throughout the city, robbers constantly choose this city as a place to do their work in order to make a lot of money in one shot. As April Fools approaches, two men decided to take the national prank day to a whole new level before April even gets here. These two men would ride through these rich neighborhoods in all black with black hoodies and would just stare at residents as they left their house or returned home. The purpose of this prank was to make everyone in the gated community fear for their lives as they saw these two gentleman driving down their streets all covered up. Well this little joke would end up becoming really serious once the residents of the community began calling the police whenever they saw the two men driving down the street. When the police were called to the residence for suspicious activity, a patrol car was sent to the residence to see if he could find the car with the two men inside of it. When the cop finally caught up with the suspicious vehicle, the officer treated them like dangerous criminals because their faces were covered. After the officer detained the two men, the suspects pleaded that it was just a joke to “scare all of the old rich people” in the community. The officer explained why what they were doing was extremely dangerous and not funny at all. The two teenagers were released from custody with a warning and assured the residents that they were safe and what the two teenagers were trying to do in the spirit of April Fools Day. The homeowners understood what was going on and began laughing about the entire situation and were grateful that it was just a prank gone wrong and not serious criminals trying to rob one of the houses. It is important to realize what you are actually doing when you pretend to be a criminal. People will see a criminal and will treat you as such, which usually means jail time and possible endangering your life.

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